Why Long Term Hotel Accommodation Could be a Much Better Solution Than Owing or Renting a Home

3 October 2017
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Many people look forward to a weekend break occasionally, where they can relax in a hotel and forget all their worries, for a change. Yet, when they get back home they see all of those bills sitting on the kitchen table and get back to reality. There may be a compromise ahead, however, for those who want to consider their living accommodations on a daily basis. Have you ever thought about living in a hotel?

Counting the Coins

It's amazing just how many bills you are responsible for on a regular rotation, when you own or rent your own house or apartment. Many of these invoices could be done away with if you opted for a long term accommodation at a nearby hotel.

Consider some of the obligations. You could probably ditch the largest bill, which relates to energy and electricity. How much do you spend each month on cable television, complete with all those movie channels? Remember how much it costs to upkeep the property and don't forget the twice-monthly lawn service. As you can see, it can quickly add up to be a lot of money.

When you opt to stay in long-term hotel accommodation instead, you will be typically charged an all-inclusive rate on a daily or weekly basis and should carefully compare that with your ever-growing "costs of ownership" at home.

Other Reasons for a Change

In addition, you could consider some other benefits. You might not have to worry about changing the bed linen on a regular basis, as this is typically included for you when you live in a hotel. You will also be supplied fresh towels, which will be laundered by the property and returned. You may have access to a swimming pool on property, and possibly a gym. Yes, you could save that monthly membership cost as well.

End of the Commute?

You may even find that your new accommodation is closer to your place of work. Many people dread the commute from "suburbia" to a downtown location. The odds are that your hotel will be more centrally located. Why, you might even be able to do away with one car payment in a multi-vehicle household, simply by living and working within walking distance!

Time for Action

When you add it all up like this, you may wonder why you have never considered this option before. It's time you made some enquiries and took back control of your wallet or purse.