Considerations When Choosing Single Bedroom Accommodation

25 May 2022
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Single bedroom accommodation suits people on a budget or those on solo trips. However, choosing an appropriate accommodation can be pretty challenging. Below is a guide with insights on selecting a single bedroom accommodation

Consider Hotels and Motels 

There are several reasons to consider hotels and motels when choosing single bedroom accommodation. First, these facilities serve meals. Therefore, you avoid the hassles of cooking or looking for a restaurant after a long day. Then, hotels and motels offer convenience to any traveller. For instance, they could organise airport transport. 

If you are on a road trip, you could refill your vehicle or conduct minor repairs at the hotel or motel garage. Finally, these facilities are an opportunity for you to meet new people. Typically, you will meet with other tourists or travellers in hotels and motels. They offer much-needed company and provide insights into the best tourist spots or what to expect on the roads. 

Examine the Room Features

Most people do not examine their accommodation. However, you should conduct a thorough analysis to establish the room's comfort and whether it gives value for your money. Examine the following: 

  • How large is the accommodation? If possible, go for a spacious room with a terrace, built-in wardrobe, kitchen area, and a full bathroom.
  • The accommodation should have AC, Wi-Fi, and cable TV. They keep you comfortable and allow you to work indoors.
  • How safe is the accommodation? If you have cash, jewellery or confidential documents, consider accommodations with safes, CCTV or restricted access systems.
  • If possible, consider accommodation with a scenic view. It is an added advantage if you wish to take photos or spend some time on the terrace or balcony.  

Cost Saving Tips 

An easy way to save costs when booking your one-bedroom accommodation is to book early. Typically, most hotels and motels will readily give a discount if they are not fully booked for the day. Moreover, you could take advantage of discount coupons when you make an online booking. You could also negotiate for room upgrades as you make your booking. For instance, you could ask for free meals or a fully stocked bar. Finally, if you need accommodation for an extended period, make a single booking instead of rebooking the room every few days. Most facilities offer significant discounts to clients who need long-term accommodation. 

When booking a one-bedroom accommodation, consider hotels and motels, examine the room features, and recommend cost-saving tips.