Three Magical Alternatives to Traditional Holiday Accomodation

7 September 2017
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Are you tired of staying in the same old hotels? Do you want to plan a trip that's really special? Whether it's a family getaway, a honeymoon or anniversary trip, or even just a relaxing weekend break for one, the place you stay makes all the difference. Read on for details on three magical accommodation options that will capture your imagination, awaken your senses, and inspire an amazing break. If only you could wave your magic wand and teleport to one right now...

Treehouse Lodge

Want to spend a week living in the trees? With a custom-built treehouse lodge, you can do just that. Awaken your inner child with a treehouse that's complete with rope bridges, slides and swings, or go for forest-chic in a high-end tree house lodge with built-in spa and wood burner. Treehouses are available in multiple shapes and sizes, and many can easily house a family, with a double bed for parents and bunk beds for the kids. Many providers will give you a welcome package including food and essentials, so you won't even need to return to civilisation for shopping if you don't want to.

Restored Train Carriage

Doesn't every magical story start with a train ride? By staying in a vintage restored train carriage, you can get each day of your holiday off to a wonderful start, too. Most restored carriages are traditional in appearance on the outside but lavishly furnished on the inside. You might be surprised by the amount of space and light inside your accommodation. Most carriages are set off the ground, which gives you a lovely view of the surrounding area. Many have decking outside, allowing you to easily move from carriage to carriage and providing a space for al fresco dining and sunbathing. Full steam ahead!

Castle Hotel

Does it get much more magical than a castle? Nope. If you don't want to stay in self-catered accommodation, but do want an amazing experience, then a castle hotel is the perfect choice. Feel like a king or queen staying in majestic suites, and have fun exploring the grounds during the day. Some castles are decorated to be as historically accurate as possible, while others go for a more fairytale look. Most castle hotels are experienced in catering to large parties and special events, so they're perfect for big parties, weddings and group trips.

Want to plan a holiday that's seriously magical? Start by picking a wonderfully unique place to stay.